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Latest Headlines

Eurex launches free mobile app for prices

Eurex, the derivatives exchange owned by the Deutsche Boerse, launched a free mobile application for pricing and other information on futures and options products traded on its marketplace. The app can be downloaded from the Eurex website and from the Apple and Google online stores.

Schwab plans new mobile service for investment advisors in 2014

Charles Schwab & Co. is currently pilot testing a new mobile service for investment advisors that it expects to launch in 2014. The service will enable registered investment advisors to offer their clients a mobile application that the advisors can brand and customize themselves.

Wells Fargo eyes corporate customers

Online and mobile banking developments seem to be dominated by consumer platforms. But banks are eyeing corporate customers as well. Bank Technology News takes a look at Wells Fargo's efforts to...

Having some fun with Enron

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act has imposed many new requirements on Wall Street. One of those requirements affects how firms save and store certain oral communications, including calls and texts from mobile devices.The technology companies that store and save oral recordings have very different ways or reminding Wall Street of these new requirements.

Case study: USAA still on the move

When the discussion turns to online banks, USAA is often on the tips of people's lips as they discuss forward-thinking approaches. By dint of its single branch, some people sometimes tend to...

Google shift raises Digital Wallet expectations

Is the Digital Wallet movement alive and well? Some have been disappointed with the consumer market uptake. But that probably reflects the fact that the earlier hype was simply over-cooked. Most...

Mobile phone record-keeping deadline for swaps market looms

The swaps market has undergone major changes in the past few weeks with the official launch of Swap Execution Facilities (SEFs). As deadlines to further establish the SEF marketplace near, there is another lower-profile swaps market deadline also on the horizon: swaps market participants must soon save all trading records, including calls and texts from mobile devices.

Banks embrace tablet-friendly Web services

The iPad revolution has proven to be profound for the financial services industry. Apps are essential services these days. Tablet-optimized apps especially have merged as a key consumer conduit. But...

Brown Brothers Harriman to abandon desktops and go mobile

US investment bank Brown Brothers Harriman expects to abandon desktops within two years in favor of a more mobile structure, according to the firm's CIO. The firm is embracing bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile technologies to enable a more fluid and agile work structure.

BlackBerry continues to founder at big banks

It's no secret that banks have been on the fence about the latest BlackBerry. Morgan Stanley, for example,  has held off  a full-on upgrade amid concerns about the future of the once iconic phone maker and questions about support for the BlackBerry 10.