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Latest Headlines

Banks outperforming retailers in mobile apps, study shows

Mobile apps have become the most common daily interaction channel for the banking industry as a whole, and 45 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. and U.K. have downloaded and been satisfied with banking apps, according to a study released today by Apigee Institute. By contrast, only 27 percent of the same pool of respondents have downloaded and been satisfied with apps from large retailers.

Fidelity experiments with virtual reality on StockCity data visualization app

Fidelity isn't the first company to launch an interactive virtual city app, but it's the first to create one in which the city is built entirely out of stocks. StockCity, developed by Fidelity's research and development think tank Fidelity Labs, is a data visualization app that recreates investors' portfolios as a 3-D city.

Dueling technologies strive to become standard

A few years ago, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology was being billed as the next revolution in mobile payment. When data began to show that mobile payments were experiencing year-on-year growth more on the pace of an ongoing evolution than a sudden big bang, some corners of the market focused criticism on NFC.

Banks target messaging in branches using facial recognition, digital signage and mobile devices

If it seems like a digital display in your bank branch is reading your mind, it might actually be reading your face. Retail branches are using increasingly sophisticated technologies to maximize marketing and customer service opportunities during customer branch visits with highly customized messaging. In the case of the digital displays on monitors inside the bank branch, that may mean that cameras attached to those monitors are scanning customers' faces.

RBS plans $1.7 billion investment to transform retail and small business banking

Royal Bank of Scotland plans to spend 1 billion British pounds or the equivalent of $1.7 billion to improve mobile and online banking channels and overhaul its branches into "advice and education" centers. The investment will all be directed at consumer and small business banking as RBS continues its push to pare down its international and investment banking operations and focus instead on UK retail banking.  

Russian Alfa Bank encourages saving and exercise with wearable technology

Do people need incentives to save money or incentives to exercise? Or can the two goals incentivize each other? Russia's Alfa Bank has unveiled an application that uses fitness trackers like...

Bank of America to staff branches with specialists via video conference

Bank of America is planning to use customer-facing videoconferencing to staff 500 branches with specialists that sell specific financial products. The videoconferencing rollout follows a two-year trial at 85 branches in which 10,000 customer interactions were conducted through videoconference.  

FirstBank uses Google Glass as the butt of its joke

Boulder, Colo.-based FirstBank is promoting its new mobile banking application through an advertisement that takes a dig at Google Glass. The ad features a chaotic and kind of creepy dinner table...

Eurex launches free mobile app for prices

Eurex, the derivatives exchange owned by the Deutsche Boerse, launched a free mobile application for pricing and other information on futures and options products traded on its marketplace. The app can be downloaded from the Eurex website and from the Apple and Google online stores.

Schwab plans new mobile service for investment advisors in 2014

Charles Schwab & Co. is currently pilot testing a new mobile service for investment advisors that it expects to launch in 2014. The service will enable registered investment advisors to offer their clients a mobile application that the advisors can brand and customize themselves.