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Latest Headlines

No shortage of enthusiasm for Apple Watch from financial firms

When Apple Watch sold out in six hours on its first day of pre-orders last week, it even took some of the most bullish Apple observers by surprise.

India's Yes Bank markets to customers through Twitter's ZipDial subsidiary

Yes Bank of India aims to reach customers through Twitter in a way that may sound unique to marketers in other countries. In India and other parts of South Asia it is reportedly common to communicate...

Liquid Holdings' SaaS-based investment management tools go mobile

Liquid Holdings has launched a mobile version of its suite of investment management tools and services that is touch-optimized for use from any mobile device.  

SRI spin-off Kasisto to debut banking virtual assistant in Q2

Much like Siri has served as a virtual assistant to iPhone users, helping them navigate the possibilities of their devices, a new mobile-based virtual assistant named Kasisto is planning to offer similar functionality tailored toward banking. Recently spun off from SRI International, the same organization that sold Siri technology to Apple in 2010, Kasisto plans two commercial releases next year of virtual banking agents.

Euronext launches free market data app for retail investors

Euronext has launched an iPhone app to deliver market data from its equities markets to retail investors. The free app will deliver market data delayed by 15 minutes or updated at the end of the day.  

E*Trade study shows age and gender patterns in mobile investing

Sixty-one percent of male investors under the age of 34 use their smartphones to check on their order status after placing trades, far more than any other investing activity they do with their smartphones. Meanwhile, women under the age of 30 are most likely to use their smartphones to research investment products, at 44 percent.  

Robinhood and Invstr signal new wave of free apps challenging finance firm fees

Two new iPhone apps launched last week aim to turn upside-down the fee structures with which retail investors trade and access market information.

Banks outperforming retailers in mobile apps, study shows

Mobile apps have become the most common daily interaction channel for the banking industry as a whole, and 45 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. and U.K. have downloaded and been satisfied with banking apps, according to a study released today by Apigee Institute. By contrast, only 27 percent of the same pool of respondents have downloaded and been satisfied with apps from large retailers.

Fidelity experiments with virtual reality on StockCity data visualization app

Fidelity isn't the first company to launch an interactive virtual city app, but it's the first to create one in which the city is built entirely out of stocks. StockCity, developed by Fidelity's research and development think tank Fidelity Labs, is a data visualization app that recreates investors' portfolios as a 3-D city.

Dueling technologies strive to become standard

A few years ago, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology was being billed as the next revolution in mobile payment. When data began to show that mobile payments were experiencing year-on-year growth more on the pace of an ongoing evolution than a sudden big bang, some corners of the market focused criticism on NFC.