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Latest Headlines

Barclays joins list of firms exiting commodities

Barclays, one of the largest commodities traders, is planning to exit from most commodities, including large parts of its metals, agriculture and energy trading, according to reports. Other large commodities players, including JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and UBS have already announced similar withdrawals from commodities trading.

ICE buys Algo Technologies to speed up NYSE

IntercontinentalExchange Group has reportedly purchased Algo Trading Ltd. to speed and modernize the technology on the New York Stock Exchange. Algo Trading claims its AlgoM2 matching engine is the fastest in the industry.

Credit Suisse reportedly weighs fixed-income cuts

Credit Suisse is reportedly considering making further cuts to its fixed-income business following first quarter results that saw net income drop 34 percent from a year earlier. The results gave the firm its worst start to the year since 2008.

Firms seek 'Big Data' upside from compliance records requirements

Some firms that began storing full and complete trading communications late last year to comply with Dodd-Frank regulations for the swaps market are beginning to look at that data in a new light.

Nasdaq London moves into bigger digs

Nasdaq's London business is moving into new expanded offices. The larger space, in one of the city's trophy buildings at Woolgate Exchange on Basinghall Street, will be big enough to include...

ICAP aims to boost etrading for FX

With the launch of a new electronic FX trading tool, London-based brokerage ICAP aims to encourage increased electronic trading in FX. The product, called eFix Matching, was launched jointly by ICAP Global Broking, the firm's voice broking unit, and EBS, its electronic FX trading business.

IEX's volumes growth

For anyone wondering if trading volumes at IEX were affected by the attention the exchange is receiving surrounding the release of the book detailing its creation, Flash Boys, Barron's is...

HFT technology may hold secret to reigning itself in

In today's fast moving markets, predatory traders drive Ferraris and regulators try to keep up on bicycles.

Goldman plans to sell NYSE trading floor unit to HFT firm

Goldman Sachs is reportedly planning to sell its "designated market-maker" unit on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to a Dutch high-frequency trading firm. The move is symbolic because it marks a departure for Goldman from the traditional trading methods that are its heritage, and because once the deal is completed, half of the NYSE's designated market-maker firms will be high frequency trading firms.

This week it's Michael Lewis's turn to shine the spotlight on HFT

Last week we profiled New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's efforts to crackdown on the millisecond time advantages that high-frequency traders are allegedly able to buy for themselves in the markets. Over the course of this past week, the glare cast on certain high-frequency trading predatory practices gained more wattage thanks to the release of Michael Lewis' new book "Flash Boys" and an accompanying 60 Minutes exposé.