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Latest Headlines

Genpact taps RAGE to integrate artificial intelligence into risk and middle- and back-office functions

Fintech provider Genpact, whose Lean Digital platform streamlines and automates middle and back offices for financial firms, will partner with RAGE Frameworks to add the power of artificial intelligence to bank processes.

ING joins R3 consortium to explore potential blockchain applications

ING announced that it has joined a consortium of 30 global banks, coordinated by financial technology firm R3, to collaboratively evaluate and apply emerging blockchain technology to the global...

Bank of America Merrill Lynch revamps options platform

Bank of America Merrill Lynch announced a list of changes to its electronic options trading platform last week including an infrastructure upgrade and a series of features to improve order handling. The firm said the changes were made to adapt to the evolving complexity of options markets.

Overstock may spin off its blockchain-based trading unit

Revealing that it spent $3.2 million on its blockchain-based trading unit, Medici, in the third quarter, said it is exploring other options for the unit. Those could reportedly include spinning it off or selling it.

Intercontinental Exchange to acquire Trayport for $650 million, 18 months after CME Group's bid

Intercontinental Exchange, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange, has agreed to acquire the energy trading business Trayport from BGC and its GFI subsidiary for $650 million in stock. Trayport was one of two technology businesses that CME Group aimed to acquire from GFI last year, with an offer that sparked a bidding war, eventually leading to GFI's acquisition by BGC.

Spotlight: Credit Suisse may open trading floor in Dublin to control costs

Credit Suisse could become the first international bank to set up a major trading floor in Dublin. The bank is exploring a possibility to move 40 traders and 60 support staff to Dublin as part of its...

Barclays SPECS portal gives buy-side firms added control, visibility into order handling

Barclays has launched a new online portal that makes it easier for equities clients to view and make changes to their order handling settings. The portal, called SPECS, was launched in the U.S. and will progressively roll out to other regions.

Colt PrizmNet onboards US customers, expanding global rollout

Colt is onboarding customers to its new PrizmNet service, extending the global rollout of financial extranet services that were released in Europe and Asia earlier this year. In relaunching connectivity services under the PrizmNet name, Colt has added key features targeting the financial community, including guaranteed latency rates, improved performance monitoring and a self-service portal.

Potential Tullett Prebon purchase of ICAP global broking signals need for consolidation

Tullett Prebon's announcement on Friday that it is in discussions to acquire ICAP's global broking and related technologies signals the need for consolidation in an inter-dealer broker market that has faced a variety of regulatory and structural pressures in recent years.  

New BATS options market EDGX Options goes live

BATS Global Markets launched EDGX Options on Monday, the company's second options market, which has a different pricing model from the company's existing BZX Options market, designed to attract a different segment of options trading.